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 Facebook’s Libra Coin Currency to Launch in 2021

A lot of companies are creating and sharing their own cryptocurrency projects, with Facebook being at the forefront. Their new currency is named Libra and it’s set to launch in January 2021. Apparently the digital currency named Libra will be backed by the dollar, according to the Financial times. It’s basically a scaled back version of the initial project. The Libra project had both a political and regulatory backlash against it, so the changes are here to reflect all of that. Many people in the industry were worried that this currency would lead to a lack of financial stability. There [...]

2020-11-29T12:18:50+00:00November 29th, 2020|News & Tips|

Commerce Platform Shopify Joins Libra

Libra recorded a win after Shopify made an announcement of its membership. This is a big step forward following the withdrawal of big organizations like eBay, Vodafone, Stripe, and Visa. Also, this move by Shopify contributes nothing less than $10 million and a functional node that handles transaction processes for the Facebook-founded stable coin. Shopify is Libra’s first new member since its creation four months ago. In the blog post released by Shopify, it relays its commitment to the joint effort of establishing a payment network that works globally. If Libra is able to pacify the uneasiness of international regulators, [...]

2020-06-14T09:33:13+00:00February 28th, 2020|News & Tips|
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